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“Makeup doesn’t give me confidence it simply helps express the confidence I already have.”

Urban Decay mirrors the complete, whole, strong, independent woman that I am.

Own Your Queendom


See a new side of makeup. Different women show how they Own Their Queendom using Urban Decay as a medium for self-expression, a way to emphasize, not cover up, who they are.   


Singer Camilla Cabello talks about her newest hit song "Havana," what it means to her and how connecting with her Cuban heritage helps her "Own Her Queendom"

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Urban Decay Commercial

Urban Decay Commercial

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Makeup junkies love watching influencers apply their makeup, so we created a YouTube questionnaire series featuring powerful and inspirational women do their makeup as they are getting ready to "own their queendom"

Urban Decay YouTube

Urban Decay YouTube

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Eleanor Roosevelt Statue with a signature Urban Decay purple hat 

The crowning ceremony has begun. Watch as urban decay "crowns" famous statues of women who, in their own regard, have owned their queendoms

Amelia Earhart Statue with purple headgear 

The Statue of Liberty with a purple lights illuminating and highlighting crown of this icon American symbol


Picture this, Urban Decay sets up a few tents in a highly populated area offering 5-minute makeovers. During which the women are taught by the makeup artist about the different Urban Decay Products and how to use them. 

After the makeover, the women are treated to a personal mini photo shoot. While taking the shots, the photographer asks questions about the different women, getting to know them and how they are dominating and "owning her queendom."

Little do they know, as these questions are being asked, a designer is sitting just off to the side photoshopping the woman onto a beautiful "throne" inspired by the woman herself. ​

These beautiful pictures make great shareable content for Urban Decay and the subjects.

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