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I was born a “Woman of color”

To be seen before I was felt

To be groped before I was held


I was born a “Woman of Color”

To be used and discarded, Jettisoned off this ship

Only good enough to look at, not good enough to keep


I was born a “Woman of Color”

To have smiles painted on my face

Or risk being the girl who cried wolf


I was born a “Woman of Color”

To never know what it meant to be desired

By a society that would take your face but give it a different name


But before I was a “Woman of Color” I was a woman

The most delicate and fragile

Incomplete from all the cracks and nicks


I was born a woman

My hair smelling like coconut oil

And my skin is smooth to the touch


I was born 

My laugh infectious

And always sincere


I was 

Waiting to be called beautiful

Waiting, because I am a “Woman of Color”

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